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Foaming Sugar Scrub Sampler

Foaming Sugar Scrub Sampler

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The foaming sugar scrub sampler includes a 4oz version of each scrub!

Our Foaming Sugar Scrub creates a luxurious and moisturizing lather all while gently exfoliating your skin to leave it soft and smooth. It is composed of organic ingredients. The avocado oil contains vitamin E, potassium and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the skin and the sugar gently removes dead skin cells to reveal beautiful skin.

Angel Energy (4oz)

The Angel Energy foaming sugar scrub smells truly divine. Light notes of lily, sea salt and sandalwood will have you charmed. 

Boss Babe Energy (4oz)

The Boss Babe Energy foaming sugar scrub is a mix of energizing grapefruit and spicy ginger. The kind of aroma that inspires you to rule the world!

Gemini (4oz)

The Gemini foaming sugar scrub has a delightful fragrance of lychee & orchids. It will leave you smelling luxurious! 

Self Lovin" (4oz)

The Self Lovin' Foaming Sugar Scrub smells like bubbly champagne and fresh roses. The light and airy smell of fresh roses and fun and fizzy effervescent sweetness on a bed of ginger and white grape make the perfect combo to pamper yourself. Turn that self lovin' on and treat yourself! 

Island Gal (4oz)

The Island Gal Foaming Sugar Scrub smells like warm vanilla and sweet milky coconuts. The aroma is light and pleasant and gives straight-up tropical island vibes.

Haiti Chérie (4oz) 

The Haïti Chérie Foaming Sugar Scrub is a luxurious fragrance blend of clean moss, vetiver and sea salt. This scent is truly refreshing and reminds me of my breathtaking native island. The beautiful beaches with tall palm trees and crystal clear water combined with vetiver grass create a lovely aroma.

How to use:

Scoop out, massage onto damp skin in circular motions and rinse off.



Sugar, Avocado Oil, Castile soap, Optiphen, Fragrance oil


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