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Summer is slowly coming to an end and school is about to start again. Whether you're nervous to go back or you're happy to start, here are 7 things you can add to your routines to keep yourself grounded and nurture your mental health.

* By the way these are not in order of importance #1 is as good as #7

1. Exercise

Be active daily! It increases your energy, enhances your immune system, reduces insomnia, stimulates brain growth and has been shown to decrease feelings of sadness. I like to take daily morning walks ( I always do at least 30 minutes or more ). During my walks, I like to listen to podcasts or music and just enjoy the world around me! I've also noticed that I do sleep better and have more energy on the days that I'm active.

2. Journaling

You can start journaling! It's a great way to reflect on yourself, your life, what makes you happy and what doesn't, you can also write down changes you'd like to make so you're living your best life. I write down all my journaling prompts on Sundays, that way I can just fill them out throughout the week! 

3. Meditation

Do you also feel like to get a useful session of meditation it has to be a lengthy one? A guided session of meditation can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. Benefits of meditation can include better stress management, more self-awareness, focusing on the moment and much more! 

4. Affirmation

Positive affirmations can help you release any negativity, feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. It is explained that by repeating your affirmations over and over again they take charge of your thoughts and change your pattern of thinking which in turn will change your life! Here's an example of an affirmation we like to repeat: I am creating the life of my dreams

5. Drink your water 

Now you've probably heard this more than once but I will say it again, DRINK YOUR WATER! Water makes everything in your body flow smoothly. It helps with your energy level, metabolism and overall circulation.

6. Make plans to look forward to

Plan an activity that you enjoy doing, that way you have something to look forward to during the week. It could be something that motivates you to keep going or something self-rewarding. For example, I love to cook so planning to make a recipe and then enjoying it with loved ones would be something I look forward to!

7. Take a daily 10 minute self-care moment 

Self-Care can be as quick as applying a face mask or taking the time to read a couple of pages of your favourite book. Make the little moments count and take the time to enjoy them!


Remember, do what makes your soul shine!

Much love,


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